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Our Mission

Our Mission

We are Krusaders, we are not like every other corporate fitness clothing brand, we don't want the perfect model or athletes with the greatest physique. We differ from mainstream clothing brands by branching out. We strive to make apparel that makes each athlete not only look great, but feel great too. Whenever one of our athletes wears our apparel, they're apart of a team that does not take "No" for an answer. A team who works harder toward health and fitness over any other brand, and a team who has athletes all over the world. We aren't just any ordinary fitness clothing brand, we are real athletes who prove it with real results.


What is a krusader?

"What is a Krusader? What does it mean to be one? How was the idea of a Krusader invented?" With a team of driven individuals, we created an immaculate line of activewear in which proves our athletes are built for war. Its you vs. you at the gym. "It's more than a vision, we are not dreamers, we don't reminisce about the past...We are the modern Krusaders. We believe in change." | Followers of christ |


We donate percentage of profits to @soidogfoundation - Rescuing and caring for homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of asia since 2003. Join our fight against #dogmeattrade ( End animal cruelty)